Janome 9200D Serger Review

It is not easy to narrow down the list of a number of serger reviews. Each machine can meet its preference, budget and specific needs. This compact and quiet 9200D serger machine comes from Janome. It has three and four options: wide, narrow and rolled hem functions; a color coded threading guide user-friendly; differential feed, easy threading system, an electronic foot controller, tension release, needle guard. It is equipped with stitch length variations ( about one to four milimetre) and adjustable cutting width ( about 3.1 to 7.3 milimetre). Besides, the Janome 9200D is supplied with spare needle, a pair of tweezers and a handy screwdriver.

Janome 9200D Serger is perfectly suitable for keen crafts people and not too tough for beginner or inexperienced sewer. It also provides with so many options for more people who has more experienced enthusiasm.

Janome 9200D

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Simple tips for decorating your outdoor balcony

Have individuals considered the suitable place that offer the relaxing and comfortable experience after working hard during the day? Perhaps this is a nice balcony located right next to the corner of your bedroom. Therefore, how to have a balcony which attracts people to this place every day?

So, besides creating some focus points in the design using your best route table, there are still some useful tips that your can consider. It is suggested that individuals should not focus too much on the work, but they need to spend time relaxing after getting back to their home.

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Poisonous items that need to be thrown out of the kitchen

The kitchen is one common place for storing a variety of essential things inside the house. When having your kitchen full of catchy appliances, these kitchen appliances not only help in supporting the cooking process but stimulate the interest of individuals when they want to try a new recipe as well.

However, besides some cooking machines such as oven, stove or some best electric pressure cooker, there are other things which are not good for the health of homeowners. In this article, individuals will understand which type of stuff is useless and should be thrown away in such a short period of time.



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Using beige color for making your house elegant

Among different types of stuff for decorating the house, color is one aspect that individuals need to pay closer attention during the designing process. Nowadays, people tend to make the decorations by various ways such as sewing, crafting or designing because they can utilize their favorite tone of colors. For example, for those who love to sew, there are many store chains that can offer you the best sewing machines for beginners so that you can create catchy sewing projects nowadays.

living room 1

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What do you do if you have a small kitchen?

It is absolutely a big mistake if you think that kitchen and dining room are not very important. Home is where you can do the hand-made cook. Especially for women, nothing is better than having a large and convenient kitchen to create new dishes. However, it does not mean that you cannot have the same feeling if you have a small one.

We have just talked about how to upgrade your kitchen in the previous post, in this one, we will give you some tips to make your small kitchen look larger and perhaps be able to have a small dining space.

Make use of all free space

There are many ways to make your small kitchen look larger. With a little bit cleverness on arranging furniture, you are able to make use of the horizontal and vertical space. For example, installing some shelves on the wall or mounting shelves is the smart method to fill the free vertical space. Using some hooks for wiping cloth, brooms, gloves and many other objects.

You can use the blank space under a stool or place things that have suitable sizes with it such as a bucket or under the sink, place a dustbin. Do not forget to put the shelves near where you usually use it. Such as spice shelves near the stove, dishes crack near the faucet, cupboard near the dishes crack, etc.

However, do not install too much shelves and cracks because too many things are on display and look a frightful jumble. This will even make the space look smaller.

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It is time to update the kitchen

Time flies and everything will be older and older, not except for your kitchen. This is an important place in the house, especially for women because they usually take the responsibility for cooking the meals for the family. Therefore, giving the kitchen a new coat to create the inspiration for them to do the cooking is not a bad idea. Here are some tips for you:

Tidy up the whole kitchen

Perhaps, doing the tidy up is not able to bring back the origin, but it will make the space become much cleaner. No matter wherever it is, doing the tidy up will take a new coat for that immediately. By the way, cleansing helps to maintain the hygiene and limit the development of bacteria. It is more important with the kitchen where your meals will be cooked. Therefore, this job not only creates a bright and clean cooking space, but also keeps you healthy.

For every particular area, there is a different way to cleanse. For example, for wooden furniture, you should not a wiping cloth that is soaked with too much water; the best choice is wrung out the water before wiping clean. With the floor, you ought to use the floor cleanser to have the best effect.

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Some ways to make your new house a home

You have just moved to a new house and still find it so strange and weird? You want to fade out that nuisance? Why don’t you try these ways below?

Create a nice smell

When moving to a new house, the first thing that may make you annoy is the smell of mortar and paint. It immediately creates the feeling of foreign and non-comfort. There are many ways to clear that nuisance:

  • Cooking: Home is where there are many hand-made meals. It is worth cooking your favorite meal and let the smell pervade your kitchen and dining room. How about cooking the beef steak and prepare some beer or red wine? A simple housewarming party will be very effective to make it a home.
  • Using essential oil diffuser: If you have some money to spend on and would like improve the living area, why don’t you try an essential oil diffuser? On the market, there are many kinds of diffuser with different prices and sizes, consider clearly before buying one for your house. Besides, this machine also has the function of healing cold and flu as well as creating the relaxation and comfort. Depends on which essential oil you choose, there are some particular effects for each.  However, this way is rather expensive.

oil diffuser

  • Using deodorant: This way is much cheaper than buying an essential oil diffuser. On the market, there are various kinds of deodorants with many different scents. It depends on your favorite to choose the most suitable one.

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Some ideas to decorate the living room

Living room decoration seems to be the most important part in home decoration as it is the face of the house where you welcome your guest. The way this room looked in your guests’ eyes can create their look to you. Thus, to make a good impression to the guest or a comfortable feeling to yourself, here are some ideas for you.

living room decoration 1

Placing some wooden furniture

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Some tips to make your house look cozier

There is nothing better than after a long day of working you come back home with the cozy and relaxing atmosphere. It will give you the comfortable feeling to recover all of your mental sense as well as the energy. If you are intending to decorate your house, why don’t you try these tips to make it look cozier?

livingroom cushions

Tip #1: Display some family pictures

This is the best choice to create a cozy house. The pictures that all of your family members together happily and closely will bring up to you the feeling of happiness and warmth. It is like a source of power that helps you to have more strength to face with all of the sadness and sorrow.

You can reserve a small area of the wall or a table to hang or display the pictures of your family. To make it more beautiful, how about choosing the frames with different sizes and shapes and display it together.

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