Friday 1-02-2013 – 8:00
Written by: Tine Skou

Today we say goodbye and thank you to eventuelt.org, all the many volunteer writers and editors and to all of you who have read in the last five years.

Weekend Guide

Thursday 31/01/2013 – 20:29
Written by: Lisa Larsen

The first weekend in February invite to be cultural and outreach. SU and the salary has just gone into the account and it should be enjoyed to the full.

What to do to get the best Home Health Care in Portage, Mi

Senior care homes are designed to make living much safer and easier for older individuals who could not be as able to care for themselves. As life expectancy gets longer, even more older people are finding they are in requirement of care. Home health care portage are the best Option for anyone looking for great care for their senior loved ones.

Factors the Answer May Be Yes

Other factors one could have a negative response is when the one who would be giving the care has an illness or physical condition making it impossible or challenging. If there are young youngsters in the house, it may not be feasible to provide care in the house for the senior.

Factors the Answer May Be No

. It is becoming much more typical for Portage, Mi households to decide to take in their parents for care-giving in the home. A few of the reasons one could say yes to the question on care homes is that the child of the senior is concerned that they could not be able to get good care in your area and they don’t wish to put their parent at a distance far from them. If the senior is not able to interact or promote for themselves, they might be much better being cared for in their youngster’s home than in a care home. If there is really little money or other possessions, a great care house could not be accessible. The family may otherwise have to choose substandard care. In that case, it is best to choose care in their individual home.

Tips for Making the Decision Appropriately.

Number is to permit the senior to have as much input as possible. Making this decision should be done like any other important choice – make a list of pros, alternatives, and cons.
Senior care homes are created to make living much safer and simpler for older individuals who might not be as able to care for themselves. If there are young children in the house, it may not be practical to provide care in the house for the senior.

Some of the reasons one could state yes to the concern on care houses is that the youngster of the senior is concerned that they may not be able to get excellent care locally and they do not want to put their moms and dad at a range away from them. If the senior is not able to advocate or interact for themselves, they might be much better being cared for in their kid’s home than in a care home.

The February Recommendations

Thursday 31/01/2013 – 8:47
Written by: Tone Lysholm

We continue the tradition and give this Art Editor’s what you can look at in February.This time we even extended the field to also recommend music, movies and more.

Putting things together

Wednesday 30-01-2013 – 12:53
Written by: Lisa Larsen

They promise a bar. And pankager. And then of course some beautiful designs.Students from Arkitekskolens first year of organizing the exhibition on Friday.

NORTH Records – Release Party # 2

Tuesday 29-01-2013 – 12:23
Written by: Stine Spandet Haurum

For a little under a year ago, the record company NORTHERN Records founded here in Aarhus and Saturday. February 16 hold the release party for their second release.

Rock Backstage

Tuesday 29-01-2013 – 12:21
Written by: Lisa Larsen

Withdrawal from the holiday is still heavy in the body and everyday life are rapidly returned. Therefore, one might plausibly escape from reality and move into the cozy backyard in Mejlgade 53 this Thursday. Here you can experience atmospheric rock and an ice cold beer or a hot cup of coffee when Taxit holds concert.

Competition: Win tickets to the Mix

Sunday 27-01-2013 – 19:28
Written by: Stine Spandet Haurum

On Friday. February 1 again Mishmash to Train and the stage is set for a massive party. Win tickets to the event right here.

Write a letter to a book’s fictional characters … and get answers back!

Sunday 27-01-2013 – 13:46
Written by: Maria Bruun-Schmidt

Dear xxx, see you at the Main Library to letter writing is?

Write a love letter!

Sunday 27-01-2013 – 13:38
Written by: Maria Bruun-Schmidt

Seduce your lover again, or enter you into the heart of your next date.

Weekend Guide

Thursday 24-01-2013 – 11:40
Written by: Marie Markussen

The weekend is just around the corner. Here are some suggestions of things you can pass the time.

Photo Story: Music Aarhus Festival

Wednesday 23-01-2013 – 12:08
Written by: Stine Spandet Haurum

This year’s Music Aarhus Festival is just timely subject. See here for a photo reportage from the Train on Friday. Jan. 18, where the evening was in rock and indie musics Character.

A sustainable cooperation

Wednesday 23-01-2013 – 10:37
Written by: Anna Fricke Vindum

A nearly new super cool collaboration between two århus heads, namely the sustainable brand vegetable and illustrator Ruth Crone Foster. Read on and find out what happens when art and fashion come together in a sustainable cooperation.

New madbodega in Vestergade

Tuesday 22-01-2013 – 22:17
Written by: Lisa Larsen

On Thursday get Vestergade its own madbodega and you can help to celebrate.

Memento Mori Memento Amour

Tuesday 22-01-2013 – 13:55
Written by: Petra Kirsten Jensen

Michael Haneke’s latest film: Amour. About to die. With love.
If you have not already seen it, do it damn it!

TEKO vs. Aarhus

Sunday 20-01-2013 – 17:51
Written by: Trine Jørgensen

We met the graduates Mette at a cafe in the Latin Quarter for a chat about Aarhus vs.Teko, being a recent graduate, and not least her final design project.

“There is little for all audiences – there just has to be more”

Friday 18/01/2013 – 13:50
Written by: Stine Spandet Haurum

I met last week the boys behind Kulturlyd. Read about the great work behind when you want to make arrangements to be something more than just music.

Weekend Guide

Thursday 17-01-2013 – 14:22
Written by: Kim Lykke Andersen

The weekend is just around the corner and possibly ready with recommendations on what to do during the third of its kind.

Opening: Theories of The Curly Space

Thursday 17-01-2013 – 11:28
Written by: Mia Rudfeld

When Charlotte Fogh Gallery tomorrow invite solo exhibition by Ivan Andersen, our usual perception of reality familiar spaces put to the test in a universe that is constantly moving in between the abstract and the realistic.

Inspiration Workshop for Entrepreneurs

Wednesday 16-01-2013 – 14:00
Written by: Lisa Larsen

Are you an entrepreneur? Or are you just a dream to become one? In this case, you can read here.

Learn about fashion, fashion blogs and trends!

Sunday 13/01/2013 – 16:42
Written by: Tina Emperor

On Tuesday you can ta ‘at Aarhus Main Library and learn about fashion, fashion blogs and trends related by Sidsel and Lasse, who is paired behind the fashion blog of the same name!


Sunday 13/01/2013 – 10:00
Written by: Stine Spandet Haurum

MUSIC FESTIVAL AARHUS was off to the races on Thursday and that means a lot of good music this and next week. We give here the second part of our guide to the festival.

The Royal Ballet visit Concert Hall

Saturday 12/01/2013 – 12:59
Written by: Anne Tølbøll Jensen

Tomorrow at. 20:00’ll national ballet show a mixed program at Aarhus Concert Hall, with bl. a. “Lesson”, Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux, “The Unsung” and excerpts from the Russian masterpiece “La Bayadere”, which will premiere on Old Stage at the Royal Theatre in November 2013.

2 x Opening of the Godsbanen

Thursday 10-01-2013 – 12:00
Written by: Leah Marie Winter Sonne

Godsbanen invite this Friday for the entire two openings – adventurous woodcuts, dreamy music and expressive paintings are what afternoon offers.


Thursday 10-01-2013 – 8:43
Written by: Christina Nielsen

Once again it is weekend time, and despite the gray weather, January is not so boring.Aarhus offers for both music festival, flea market, birthday and much more.

The curtain falls on Friday

Wednesday 9-01-2013 – 13:40
Written by: Marie Markussen

Spend some time on your weekend at Iceland’s nature and alternative methods of presentation.


Tuesday 8-01-2013 – 12:38
Written by: Stine Spandet Haurum

Now approaching the time once more for Music Aarhus Festival. We give you here the first overview of two of what you can get of musical experiences next week.

New Nikes!

Tuesday 8-01-2013 – 8:00
Written by: Trine Jørgensen

Amid all the rush SALE-pops slightly shiny whats up – three of them are found in Støy Munkholm!

Photos from SC x ATD for Ebbets Field flannels release

Sunday 6-01-2013 – 8:00
Written by: Christina Nielsen

Here are some snapshots from Shoe Chapter & After The Denim for Ebbets Field flannels event d. Jan. 3 at La Cabra! …

January Recommendations

Saturday 5-01-2013 – 20:01
Written by: Stine Spandet Haurum

See what we at art editors would like to recommend you to look at in January.


Thursday 3-01-2013 – 19:34
Written by: Camilla Poulsen

You do not browse many fashion magazines or blogs through to find that the French fashion house Kenzo has reappeared again. And Kenzo fever is of course also the country in Aarhus.


Thursday 3-01-2013 – 14:02
Written by: Lucas Adler

The new year has begun, and Eventuelt.org starts with yet another weekend guide for your Aarhus. Here are a few ideas for what your weekend holds.

The physical impermanence

Wednesday 2-01-2013 – 12:27
Written by: Kira Bang-Olsson

On Friday opens Lunch Money Gallery up for the first private viewing – this time for the group exhibition BEST BEFORE. Read more about it here.

Release: Ebbets Field flannels for Shoe Chapter x After the Denim

Saturday 29/12/2012 – 8:00
Written by: Tina Emperor

On Thursday. Jan. 3, you have the opportunity to experience a new and exciting collaboration between Aarhus sneaker-tripe Shoe Chapter and leather craftsman Simon Tuntelder at the coffee shop La Cabra.

Weekend Guide – Special

Wednesday 26/12/2012 – 13:29
Written by: Stine Spandet Haurum

Weekend Wizard comes early this week and this for the simple reason that I would rather recommend you a few things that happen in the middle of the week.

Red in Dutch: Rood

Tuesday 25/12/2012 – 12:00
Written by: Nanna Friis Tolstrup

The last udstillig in BOX is by Dutch designer duo,’s. I wondered, and maybe you will wonder. The red color is dominant and is seen in long lines. But what is it? I’ll tell you: carpets! Read on, there is a deeper meaning behind!

Weekend Guide

Thursday 20/12/2012 – 10:21
Written by: Stine Spandet Haurum

As we approach the last weekend before Christmas. Here’s our guide to the – a small one at that.

We wish for …

Thursday 20/12/2012 – 8:00
Written by: Christina Nielsen

See what we fashion editors want us to Christmas!

“Generation 90″ – Testrup exhibit at City Hall

Monday 17-12-2012 – 12:00
Written by: Leah Marie Winter Sonne

If you need a break in the middle of Christmas-nightmare? So take a quick trip to City Hall – which exhibits Testrup College of Art line.

Store Recycling

Sunday 16/12/2012 – 20:32
Written by: Trine Jørgensen

On Grønningen is a small shop filled with old cases, a little tucked away from the city bustle, and certainly worth a look if you are in these parts ..


Thursday 13/12/2012 – 17:10
Written by: Kira Bang-Olsson

This weekend trying a number of artists in collaboration with graduate students from AU to revitalize various sculptures in Aarhus. Read more about art interventions here!


Thursday 13/12/2012 – 9:13
Written by: Trine Jørgensen

Then comes the weekend and Aarhus are not yet completely on the Christmas holiday.There is music, party spirit, films and vintage to come by.

Eastpak & WOOD WOOD …

Thursday 13/12/2012 – 8:00
Written by: Tina Emperor

I wonder what they have now found the ..?

PechaKucha Night

Tuesday 11/12/2012 – 22:00
Written by: Maria Josephine Ponce Moreno

Come and be inspired when PechaKucha in cooperation with INCUBA Science Park invite to this year’s Christmas PechaKucha.

In the 4-train

Tuesday 11/12/2012 – 14:46
Written by: Stine Spandet Haurum

On Saturday puts five bands of Aarhus and Copenhagen meet on the swing in Mejlgade.

An original work of art a day

Tuesday 11/12/2012 – 10:00
Written by: Nanna Friis Tolstrup

Charlotte Fogh Rasmussen’s annual calendar exhibition, Highlights 12 is in full swing.Various Danish artists and hiding among other lithographs, sculptures and paintings behind the doors.

Get out of the covers on Friday morning

Tuesday 11/12/2012 – 9:12
Written by: admin

If you lack motivation to overpower your warm duvet and get up in good time here in the dark days, then Brett Bloom and the free breakfast indeed be your personal tovtrækkere on Friday to Creative Mornings.


Tuesday 11/12/2012 – 8:00
Written by: Tina Emperor

It is the December month and it usually requires a little extra nice clothes – also applies to men!

Light Fever!

Sunday 9-12-2012 – 9:18
Written by: Trine Jørgensen

“New” lights in Old News …

Agata and me

Friday 7-12-2012 – 19:32
Written by: Lisa Larsen

In the morning you can experience Nordic melancholy in Spain and perhaps sound of melting ice from Greenland.

Do you dress for the Christmas party?

Friday 7-12-2012 – 9:16
Written by: Christina Nielsen

Ganni in Goldsmith Street has many fine bid.


Eventuelt.org volunteer writers share their tips to register music

There is a famous quote – music is food to the soul. Starting with the rhythmic lyrics of a songwriter, to the instrumentals played by a harmonized band, music is indeed a sweet set of poetic vibes that comforts many different emotions. It is for this reason and more that composers  must ensure they safely preserve their artistic musical creations by ensuring their tunes remain relevant.
And the foundation beneath all this is registering your music! Every artist should consider this immediately after writing his or her song. There are a number of online platforms available for providing this necessary proof of copyright but very few with a longterm, stellar history of documenting lyrics and music.
Eventuelt.org volunteer writers share their tips to register music

Eventuelt.org volunteer writers share their tips to register music

Because of some common mistakes songwriters and publishers regularly make when registering their songs, here are some tips to follow so your registration process is successful:
Make sure to list all contributors to the making of the song, both lyrics and music, to avoid future hassles. And even besides what you include in the registration paperwork, it’s always a good idea to have a separate written agreement among the contributors specifying exactly what ratio each contributed to the song (such as 50-50, 25-75, etc.).  You can get more insight on these points by visiting this page SongRegistration.com, going to their Site Map, and reading some of their articles on the subject.
When looking for information on how to copyright a song, the song registration process at SongRegistration.com is time efficient, involving just 3 simple steps. Most importantly, it is also absolutely user-friendly! This allows the artist to focus on what he or she does best: Write songs, not deal with dizzying formalities. The entire process takes just minutes and you get your Affidavit of Registered Songs instantly! Just fill in the names, address, titles, pay the low registration fee, then upload your songs!
Experience is the best teacher, which is why working with the https://songregistration.com/ team will guarantee the best of services. Their parent company was founded in 1975, their CEO is a licensed attorney, and  they have tens of thousands of registered users in more than 55 countries. They know what they’re doing and they’ve done it thousands of times!  Their customer support is the best you’ll find and the fees are either $29.95 for registering up to 4 songs, or $99.95 to register as many as you’d like!
So protect your music. And spend your time creating it, not wasting time on complex forms. All you need to remember is to register your music – whether they are full songs, just music, or just lyrics – for the artistic peace of mind every artist needs!